The Team at All Hallows

Our contact details:

All Hallows by the Tower
Byward Street, London  EC3R 5BJ
Tel: (020) 7481 2928
Registered Charity No: 1129137
Twitter: @AllHallowsTower

The Rev'd Bertrand Olivier, Vicar
The Rev'd Bertrand Olivier

The Rev'd Sophia Acland
Associate Priest

The Rev'd Dr Fiona
Hon. Assisting Priest

Martin Carr, Licensed Lay Minister
Martin Carr
Licensed Lay Minister

Angie Poppitt, Vicar's Assistant

Angie Poppitt
Operations Manager

Jonathan Melling, Director of Music 
Jonathan Melling
Organist & Director of Music

Adey Grummett, Education & History Officer
Adey Grummett
Education & History Officer

Samuel Gaukroger
Media &Communications

The parish of All Hallows by the Tower believes that safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all those who are vulnerable (children, young people and vulnerable adults). We expect all of our staff, volunteers and those who use our premises to share this commitment and value the support of those who worship here in achieving this.

Jane Walker is our Safeguarding Officer, and she is the first person to contact if you have any concerns around the welfare of a child or adult at risk. Jemma Lawley is our Children’s Champion, and she is an advocate for all children in areas of parish life, making sure their views are heard and their needs are thought of. They can both be contacted via the church office. Annette Gordon is the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, and anyone wanting to report an issue, either current or historic, can contact her if they don’t feel able to approach the parish directly. Her tel no. is 020 7932 1224 or email