Notable people associated with the history of All Hallows

Many international and historical figures have played a part in the history of All Hallows:

bishop fisher tryptich· John Fisher, beheaded at the Tower, buried 1535

· Thomas More, beheaded at the Tower, 1535

· Lancelot Andrewes, baptised, 1555

· William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, baptised on 23 October 1644

· Archbishop William Laud, beheaded at the Tower, buried 1645

· Samuel Pepys watched the Great Fire of London from the church tower, 1666

· Judge Jeffreys, notorious "hanging judge", married 1667

· John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States, married 1797

· Albert Schweitzer recorded organ music at All Hallows

· Philip “Tubby” Clayton, founder of Toc H, Vicar for many years

The Memorial Book of the Maritime Foundation is kept in the Mariners' Chapel, and the Book of Remembrance for the Reconnaissance (Recce) Corps is also held at All Hallows.

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