The Mariners' Chapel

Mariners Chapel altarThe south aisle houses the Mariners' Chapel, and the windows of the south aisle contain the coats of arms of various shipping companies associated with the church.

The wooden screen commemorates the links that the church has with the Port of London Authority. The wood of the crucifix displayed here comes from the Cutty Sark, and the ivory corpus (figure) is said to come from the Captain's cabin of the flagship of the Spanish Armada.

In a wooden case on the south wall is a Memorial Book, the gift of the Maritime Foundation, which lists the names of those who have died at sea and for whom there is no known grave. 

The models of ships in this aisle have been presented to the church over the years as a token of thanksgiving, reminiscent of days when sailors made votive models of the vessels in which they sailed.

The Sussex iron sword rest was made to support the Sword of the State of the City of London on a visit of the Lord Mayor.

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