There are 4 photo albums.

  • Education Project - Saxons (9 photos)

    'Lundenwic - Saxon London's Dark Lands' is set in the time of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, when Roman London was still occupied by the "Boc Laeden" who are trying to preserve the old way of life, while the present-day Covent Garden is occupied by newcomers from across the North Sea.

    Children greedy loping

  • Education Project - Romans (9 photos)

    Set in first century Londinium, ''Ultima Britannia" explores a city newly rebuilt after its destruction by Boudicca and notorious among Roman officials as a hardship posting. The south aisle of the church becomes the villa that occupied the site two thousand years ago, and children are also able to walk at Roman street level through the crypt and handle artefacts of the period.

    Marcipor with children

  • Knollys Rose Ceremony (12 photos)

    The Knollys Rose Ceremony is held in June each year and is organised by the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames. On that day one red rose is plucked from the garden in Seething Lane and taken to the Mansion House on the altar cushion of All Hallows by the Tower, where this 'rose rent' is presented to the Lord Mayor.


  • Beating the Bounds (15 photos)

    Beating the Bounds has its roots in medieval times, when parishes reaffirmed their boundaries by circling them in procession, pausing to beat each boundary mark with wands and pray for the crops. Each year on Ascension Day All Hallows by the Tower, with the aid of students from St Dunstan's College, follows this tradition and prayers are said for the parish, its business community and the City. The ceremony is followed by Festal Evensong in the presence of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs.


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